• Max Mundan

What if You're Gone?

Several times today

I need you baby

panic stricken

Don’t leave me, honey

gasping for breath

You’re my world, sweetheart

imagining your face

your smiling eyes

your happy teeth when you greet me

your quizzical, curious look

when you are waiting

to hear what I think

What if I can’t see that face again?

Are you getting sick?

What if you’re gone?

Is that a cough I hear?

What if I know that you need me,

that you would kill for my touch,

but you cannot be reached?

Are you getting a fever?

For now, thank God,

you are there

like you always are

always should be

with that look of understanding

that only you can give

I’ll need those eyes

that smile

that understanding

that flaming red hair

when this cruelty is over

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