• Max Mundan

Wailing Down the Hall


in and out


to my skin


it whispers

of a million



"Grab a pen,"

it says,

"let me help you


then catalog

them all."

and somewhere on the brink of sleep

a lonely, haunted banshee

goes wailing down the hall

if it wasn't for

these tubes

and wires

i'd raise my fingers

to wipe this flop sweat

from my face

the resident succubus


to brush her lips

against my neck

then turns

her back on me

it must be her

i hear all night

wailing down the hall

was that you

who came

to visit me?

or were you

just a dream?

i can taste

your disappoint

in me

as if it were

a mint

the nurses here

are taunting me

with cigarettes

i'll never smoke

when suddenly

it dawns on me

That every night and all along

it's been my voice i’ve heard

wailing down

the hall

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