• Max Mundan

The Bitter Poetry of Public Restrooms

I sit here on this shit

encrusted toilet seat,

reading about glory

holes and blow jobs,

trying to decipher the

gangsta hieroglyphs while I reach

between my legs and draw

up the stagnant water

into my syringe.

I hope you never discover

that I stole

so much money from you

to buy this dope black tar heroin,

sticky and strong,

but even if you do I will

lie through my teeth,

get down on my knees and cry

How can you be so cruel?

To accuse me of so heinous a crime

Don't you love me anymore?

As I shoot the heroin and toilet

water into my body, into

my vein, into my heart,

I wish

I could hate you for being

so fucking sweet

I want to judge you

I am trying to judge you

but I guess I've given up that right

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