• Max Mundan

Negligent Genocide

The plan appears to be

no goddamn plan at all

except wishing for a miracle

from pills or sunlight or bleach

while we die in pain

choking on our own fluids

or from solid chunks of blood


with everyone we love

just a tiny Zoom window

miles and miles away

When do we rebel

against this toadying

to wealth and power?

this vacuum of moral vision

save the hoarding of dollars?

this lie of American exceptionalism

that is really nothing more

than a woman

who knows her place

and a black man

hanging from a tree?


we pour into the streets

spurred to action

by shit-flinging monkeys

to protest kindness

and sacrifice for others;

to demand selfishness

and the right to die

for the stock portfolio

of Steven Fucking Mnuchin

When do we stop imagining

good intentions for these monsters,

these hedge fund babies

and incompetent cronies

who think science, reason and empathy

are synonyms for communism?

How long do we keep pretending

that we don’t know for certain

what they really want

is for us to break ourselves

for minimum wage

and the access to health care

on the altar of their privilege

and then die

begging for the chance

to slave for them

just one more day?

When do we call this

what it really is?

When do we drag

their fat, ugly, stupid asses

all the way to The Hague

to make them pay for what they’ve done?

When do we look them

squarely in the eye

and tell them, “We see you.

You can’t bullshit us anymore”?

When do we say we’ve had enough,

that we won’t withstand another day,

that we’ve swallowed more than we can stomach,

of their negligent genocide?

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