• Max Mundan

Linda's Choice

She told me she was horny.

“I’ll fuck anything that moves,” she said

So, I tried to remain

perfectly still.

I was tired to the bone

and I wasn’t in the mood

to be human OxyContin

or play father confessor

with my dick.

She needed this discomfort

more than she needed my semen.

Pain was her professor now,

stern and unyielding, to be sure

but so much more potent for that.

“You’ve begged for it before,”

she chided me

and I had, at that,

on my back or on my knees,

whimpering and pleading,

“I just want to be loved.”

Christ, don’t we all

but it doesn’t work like that.

Love isn’t the hands

that fondle our bodies.

it’s the blood

we mop up off the floor.

It’s the wounds we decline

to look away from.

So, I turned to her and said,

“I’ll give you a choice.

I could fuck you now

and that will be the end,

or I could love you forever,

with my mind, with my heart, with my words.”

She threw her head back

with a hearty laugh and told me,

“That’s sweet, little man,

but you just ain’t that special.

I guess I’ll have to choose

the sex.”

I leaned in

to kiss Linda gently on the lips

and with a sigh

I started to undress.

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