• Max Mundan


As I slam the door to my apartment behind me

and viciously throw the deadbolt into place

shutting out the last trace

of the unbearable annoyance of other human beings

I see the flashing light blaring garishly

from the answering machine

It is my sister's voice telling me

she knows my secret

The blood freezes in my tortured veins

as I hear her state

she is going to tell my secret

to my parents

My mind reels in frenzied rebellion

Somehow, someway, with whatever crazy lie

my panicked brain can concoct,

I must stop this snowball,

gaining speed by the second,

from crushing me in it's inexorable roll

But some nagging thought

draws me to the message

one more time...time

Yes something about time

I search for the clock on the wall

3:13pm...the message was left at 11:00am

more than four hours

All the air and most of the color

drains from me in the space of an instant

The damage is done

The revelation I had hoped to stop

is not in the future

it's in the past

By now everyone knows

and the wheels of my destruction are in motion

I crumple to the floor

roll my aching body into a tight ball

with a few tiny words

my sister has put an end

to my life as I know it

I do not know how I will ever be able

to repay this kindness

Photograph by Lucas Clarysse

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