• Max Mundan



I will love you


Whether that be

the extent of this life

or what may come after

I will love you


It will be you

who occupies me

Planting your flag

on my uncharted isle

You who consumes me

filling me up

surrounding my borders

with your forgiveness

There are times

when we fail to connect

that I stretch out

tentative arms

yearning for you

For you are the pinnacle

the apex the goal

the crest of the mountain

just out of reach

I won’t stop loving you

I can’t stop loving you

I will adore you

till every molecule of me

fades into silence

I will cherish you

every day every hour every minute

every drop of eternity

I can jealously grab

I will be there, my love

holding your hand

stroking your skin

calming your fears


I will love you today

I will love you tomorrow

I will love you


Photo by David Rutter/Arte for Elephants

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