• Max Mundan

Channeling Keanu Reeves

Kicking at the snow

See I told you so

This is the life

we’ve dreaded and pined for

since long before

we ever met

We can walk

We can run

We can drag

our sorry asses

from one dimension

to the next

to look for something better

My eyes are red

and I’m wasted

like I haven’t been

in years

just smoking pot

and satisfying munchies

in an endless loop

from time to time to time

Is this now?

Is this then?

I’m feeling like an alien

I’m feeling not enough

I’m rereading all the bad reviews

of my performance

as a husband

as a son

as a brother

as a man

You can call it self-pity

or say that I’m morose

but in the end, I’m just

channeling Keanu Reeves

grasping at straws

praying for a fingerhold

lost and alone

trying to remember who I am

and wondering

where all my friends

have gone

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