• Max Mundan

Bloody Gums

The sharp metallic tang

is growing

steadily stronger

as I poke the throbbing molar

with my tongue

Each stab

sends a white hot razor

careening through my skull

The pain is somehow comforting

less vague

less nebulous

more focused

than the fear

Withdrawal is a devil faced phantom,

slick and slippery,

sliding out of reac,h

every time I try to hold it.

The shivering fear it produces

is out of proportion,

with it's concrete reality

yet,, undeniably there.

With a sound

like popping the top

on a can of beer

I easily push

the abscess from my mouth

It drops in my hand

followed closely

by a chunk of bloody tissue

This can't be good

This is not the way

that teeth are supposed to behave

and I seriously doubt

the tooth fairy

will be coming for this one

This is nothing new, of course

Pieces of me

have been falling off

on a fairly rigid schedule

What will be next?

There are certain

fragments of myself

I can ill afford to lose

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