• Max Mundan

Accidents of the Soul


The universe is you

This space we inhabit

all there is

We enfold each other

like waves

as we ebb and flow

with the breaths of the other

you are a miracle

you are a coincidence

you are a butterfly

on my grandmother’s tomb

How serendipitous

whatever accidents of the soul

placed us in this time

this place

this space


you are a sensation

you are a happenstance

you are an elephant

holding back your anger

Each moment with you

waiting out disaster

is a miracle

a revelation

a gift

you are a celebration

you are a catastrophe

you are a newborn child

squeezed into this disaster

The world can die

in a torrent of fire

a scream of disease

a surfeit of indifference

so long as all that remains

is you

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