Max Mundan is a transgressive poet, playwright, author and slam artist currently residing in Austin, Texas. 

Nearly all of Max's work is drawn from personal (often painful) experience, from overcoming his nearly fatal battle with addiction and his brother's horrific suicide, to finding the love of his life, late in life.

To date: Max's work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Dressing Room Poetry, Eunoia Review, Wilderness House Literary Journal, Type House Magazine, Avalon Literary Review Review, Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles and Agave to name but a few.

While it's nearly impossible to define Max's work by one particular style, or genre, his work generally massages specific themes; erotic, political, addiction are some of his recent literary sojourns.

The best way to experience Max's work is to DIVE IN, fists-balled, teeth clenched, knuckles white and heart seared open. So please- take a deep breath and JUMP, just don't say we didn't warn you.